Korean men make ideal partners?

So Rooster was surfing the Hallyu, right, and discovered this interesting piece from about a year ago. It’s about how Japanese women have caught the ‘Korean Wave’ and are, among other things, into Korean men.

Single women in Japan go to great lengths to find themselves a Seoulmate. 😉

That’s Japan, but how about Malaysian women? Are we so swept up by the Korean Wave that we actively look for a Korean hunk. I don’t think we’ve reached that stage, but I might be wrong.

Korean blokes aren’t such a bad deal, right? The dramas portray them as sensitive men who are not shy to shed a tear or two. Men who are chivalrous and polite; oozing masculinity. And don’t you just admire their delicate manners and charm when they greet you? (I love the mini-bows they make).

Apart from that, I also understand that most Korean men have a great physique since Korea is such an image conscious nation. 😉

Like the article (link above) succinctly puts it: Korean men are sensitive yet totally ripped!!

So Malaysian ladies, Japanese women actually pay good money for matchmaking services to find that perfect Korean partner, are you willing to do the same?

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