Magnificent Se7en

Kelly Rowland (Destiny Child) talked about Se7en in an interview with Yonhap recently and she said that the Hallyu star is a fantastic singer.

Kelly met and saw Se7en perform at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards and the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards in Japan. When asked about Se7en’s performance during the phone interview, she said: “He is a magnificent singer who is competent. I think his performance was magnificent and beautiful.”

Another one more “magnificent” out of you Kelly and I’ll set my hair on fire.

Kelly also said this about Se7en’s up and coming debut in the US: “I expect that he will be the future Asian artist who will earn worldwide success.”

Whoa, approval from a bona fide songbird. Now that’s somethin’.

Se7en, who will be in the States from this month onwards, is focused on his English album, which is scheduled for release end of the year.


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