Mega hunk vs. hobo oppa

Would you choose a mega-hunk over a hobo oppa?

We are currently watching Stairway to Heaven and have discovered how delectable Kwon Sang-woo sshi is.

In the tear-jerker drama, both Song Joo (Kwon Sang-woo) and Tae Hwa (Shin Hyeon-joon) are vying for the heroin’s (played by Choi Ji-woo) love and affection.

Boy i tell ya, there is NO CONTEST! Again i ask…would you choose a mega-hunk over a hobo oppa?

In the looks Department

On one hand, you have handsome hunk Song Joo who dresses immaculately in designer suits and has great hair.

On the other hand you have step brother & messy looking artist Tae Hwa, who dresses like a homeless hobo. The man looks like he needs a shower & haircut badly.

Personality wise

We are not only talking about looks alone. Charismatic Song Joo loves the heroin dearly and is sensitive, honest, and a man of integrity. Okay okay…he comes across as somewhat a play boy at times – only when he gets frustrated. Poor guy.

Hobo oppa is selfish and hides the truth from his dear step sister (the heroin) who suffers from amnesia. Tsk tsk tsk. If you ask me, he’s a bit mentally unstable too.

Liz says…

While watching the drama, Liz utters these words …repeatedly and at various occasions.

  • Are you kidding me?
  • No contest! Kwon Sang-woo wins hands down.
  • To Hobo Oppa: ‘Have you looked in the mirror lately?’
  • The casting director should be fired.
  • Can’t they find a more worthy opponent?…like Bi?
  • If I were to write the screenplay, the drama would end in 4 episodes. [Sung-joo finds Jung-suh and being a smart woman, she ditches Hobo Oppa for the debonair and handsome (not to mention loaded) stud who is totally infatuated with her!]

Who would you choose? Mega hunk or hobo oppa?


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