Pucca Love

Add a splash of giddy girly romance, a piece of ninja mayhem and what do you get? Odd couple Pucca and Garu! Ooh! They’re so cute and sweet that if I were to gobble them up, I’d poop out chocolate bonbons. Er, yea…

In need of creative kissing techniques? Let Pucca teach you.

Created by South Korean company, Vooz Character Systems, in 2000, media franchise Pucca and Garu has since gained popularity in Asia and Europe. These quirky little flash animations are about amorous little Pucca, a restaurant girl, and aloof Garu, the ninja. You’ll notice that ancient martial art skills are no match for true love here as time after time Garu falls into Pucca’s kissing traps.

And now for your Pucca and Garu moment of enlightenment:
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Pucca Club
Pucca on Disney

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