Shinhwa in demand

It was a close race but Shinhwa came up tops (27%) as the Korean act Malaysians would like to see in concert next. (Concert organisers out there, we hope you’ll take note of our little voice).

They started out strong but votes for Se7en (I voted for Mr. La la la!) and Super Junior eventually poured in. Se7en took the 2nd spot (25%) while Super Junior, the 3rd (22%).

Sexy songstress Lee Hyo-ri nabbed 7% of the votes to take 4th place. You know what, people, if she were to stage a concert in Malaysia, she will have to do what Gwen Stefani did for her Aug 21 performance – cover up.

Leggings should be worn under short shorts/skirts and jackets over skimpy tops. And she will also have to scrap the dominatrix act from the program. Think Hyo-ri will adhere to the Malaysian rules?

I digress, sorry. Epik High and fresh from saving the marine turtles – The Cross – are at a tie, each bagging 5% of the votes.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be many Malaysian fans (who visit this site, that is) for the Wonder Girls, SG Wannabe and Chae Yeon. Each only drew one vote (2%). Maybe they should visit our shores for some promo work. 😉

A big 감사합니다 to all 40 visitors who took part in our poll!

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