“Sugarmama” has a whole new meaning

New TV show on South Korean cable station, Comedy TV, poses the question, “What if you were to keep a young man as a pet?”

Television series “You’re My Pet” (きみはペット kimmi wa petto), a Japanese drama based on a successful manga, was an instant hit when this live-action counterpart was aired in Japan in 2003.

You’re My Pet is about Sumire, a career woman in her 30s who was recently dumped by her fiancé and stuck with a dead-end job. One night, she stumbles upon a 20 something homeless man in a box outside her condominium complex. For fun, she offers the man room and board if he agrees to be her pet – shower me with unconditional love and loyalty. Much to her surprise, the man agrees. She names him Momo and whisks him away to begin their life as petboy and woman.

There is no sexual relationship between the two as Sumire will only sleep with men who has a higher pay, a higher education and is taller than her, but the sexual tension the plot possesses is so obvious.

Enter I Am Your Pet (애완남키우기나는펫), South Korea’s new reality series inspired by this petboy concept. 3 single women in their early 30s are each given an early 20 something year old boy toy who has nowhere to go to keep as pets. Watch what happens when the odd couples start living together.

Bleh… this is just… weird.

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