Watch out for…Destiny – the movie

Remember we told you about Kwon Sang-woo‘s new movie Destiny?

In the movie, Kwon plays an ambitious character named Cheol-Jung. In order to become Cheol-Jung, he hides his well-built body in a black suit and slicks his hair back, to portray a powerful man.

Song Seung-Hun plays the protagonist in the movie. He chose ‘Destiny’ to be his first movie after returning from military service. He throws away his former soft and loving character and portrays a strong and hard personality in this movie. His trademark, puppy-dog eyes seem to look gentle, but plays an explosively wild-natured character named Woo-Min.

It has been said that Kwon Sang-Woo and Song Seung-Heon have been impressing the director and staff members of the ‘Destiny’ movie production with their impeccable acting abilities. They are said to be great friends.


Kwon Sang-woo (left) and Song Seung-heon in their
new movie “Destiny”. Photo courtesy of The Chosun Ilbo.

Korean film Destiny a.k.a. “Sookmyeong” has been sold to Japan’s Formula Entertainment at a landmark price of USD2 million. The sale is by far the highest price recorded for a Korean film export in 2007. In the first six months of the year, the total value of 148 sales deals added up to only $7.5 million. (As reported on Variety Asia Online)

The film is directed by Kim Hae-gon who also directed “Between Love and Hate”.

Shirtless Kwon Sang-woo poses for Destiny


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