Elle Magazine party @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

Wow, many stars came out to play on the evening of Sept 18. Yesterday, we brought you pictures of celebs at the 2007 Korea TV Ad Festival.

Today, we bring you pics of Elle Magazine’s The First Ever party held (on the same night) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.


Bada, Bada, Bada…I’m no fashionista but I
know enough to tell you that you seriously need
to do something about that rug on your head.


Tired of looking gorgeous, Honey Lee
decides to look like a walking rectangle placard
in this unflattering and shapeless red number.


Yes Hwang Ji-hyun, we would be looking
perpetually surprised too if we were
once Hyun Bin’s main squeeze.


Oh my gawd, Kim Sung-su oppa, what on earth happened? God-endowed
should not be frivolously thrown away like that!
A Soompi forumer mentioned that you look like Shih Huang Ti’s
Terracotta Warrior in the right pic. I agree.


Err…yuck? Son Ye-jin needs a better stylist.


Grrrowl…Yoon Jung-hee brings out the
wild cat in her in this leopard print dress.


Lee Dong-gun is all smiles tonight because he’s
temporarily a “swinging single”. Where’s
your other half,
Han Ji-hye, dude?


Ahhhh… I told you they are SCARY!!! Omnipresent
Korean models Song Kyung-ah (left) and Jang Yoon-joo
channel their superpowers as Dracula’s Brides to be at
two events on the same night.
(inset: the models at the Korea TV Ad Festival)


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