Horan models for fashion brand

This is last month’s news but I did some digging on Clazziquai because I like their song Lover Boy.

See, you can still look sexy without hot pants that
ride up your butt

Anyway, the trio’s female vocalist, Horan, was selected to model for fashion brand Vincis Bench (don’t ask).

The brand reportedly wanted a model who was sophisticated and intellectual (as opposed to scantily-clad nymphets oozing sex appeal that borders on slutiness) and Horan fit the mold.

Yes little girls, you can still rock a picture without
showing cleavage

The 28-year-old displayed her eloquence and intelligence when she appeared on various programs, and has even earned herself the title: The Queen of Logic.

Hooray for smart chicks. Rock on! * plays air guitar because it’s a FRIDAY*


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