Hwanhee benefits from plastic surgery

How do you go from an average good looking guy to a hot good looking stud? While in Korea, do as the Koreans do – go under the scalpel. I must say, however, that some of the plastic surgeons’ works are very impressive.

Check out Hwanhee below.

Don’t you think he looks absolutely hot after surgery? He publicly admitted that he had his eyes and nose done as he was always insecure about his looks. Apart from that, he wanted to present a better person to his fans.

Hey, whatever floats your boat, dude. You look awesome.

‘I wanna thank the very skillful surgeons for making
me a hunk. I’m so hot, I freakin’ wanna snog myself
everytime I look in the mirror!’

If you are watching Over the Rainbow on 8TV (8.30pm), Hwanhee plays popular singer Rex in the series.

When I watch the show, I keep getting distracted by his rather bulbous nose. Now that the 25-year-old has had plastic surgery he’s err…really, really easy on the eyes, no?

However, in the future, Hwanhee Jr. may inherit Daddy’s nose. And with that said, I’m sure plastic beauty will continue to thrive in one generation to the next.

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