Im Su-jung’s new film “Happiness”

Baby faced Im Su-jung (27) teams up with Hwang Jeong-min (37) in their new movie Happiness. The movie will be released on October 03. Directed by Heo Jin-ho, Im’s character Eun-hi is a victim of chronic lung disease who suffers from the disease for over eight years. Yeong-su (played by Hwang) comes to the same rehab center to treat his own illness and Eun-hi falls helplessly in love with him. After Eun-hi gives Yeong-su everything she has, his feelings for her change. He gets tired of her and leaves Eun-hi with a broken heart.

The movie also stars Gong Hyo-Jin. We know Gong from the 2003 drama “Sangdoo, let’s go to school!

Im Su-jung’s last movie was Park Chan-wook’s “I’m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“.

Im Su-jung and Hwang Jeong-min promoting
their new movie ‘Happiness’

Steamy scenes from the movie ‘Happiness’
– to be released Oct 3, 2007

Visit the Happiness movie website at:

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