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…ing (2003)

Korean title: None. The weird title “…ing” is said to refer to the present continuous tense of the English language.

What’s popping:

Im Su-jung (I’m a Cyborg, but that’s OK) – she’s fantastic! She plays a lonely girl, Min-ah, who has a mild case of inferiority complex because of her deformed left hand. Also, she’s battling a terminal disease (yes, someone dies…yawn).

The mother-daughter relationship drives this so-so tear-jerker. I wasn’t satisfied with how the movie ended. It’s an introspective flick which only led me to think how easy circumstances in life can be manipulated through the machinations of men.

There, I did it. I felt like using the word “machinations” and I made a sentence with it. *Liz pats herself on the back*

Oh yes, Kim Rae-won (not to be confused with fantastic kisser Kim Jae-won) plays Yeong-jae, the photographer Min-ah falls in love with. But remember, she dies. Boo-hoo.

The plot:

High school student Min-ah lives with her Mom and dreams of having the perfect boyfriend. But with her deformed hand and terminal illness, is she able to find one before…you know, she kicks the bucket?

Watch it:

  • Relax, people. No need to buy the DVD when you have it showing on Astro.
  • Astro KIRANA (Channel 23)
  • Korean with your choice of English or Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
  • Sept: 1 (9pm), 7 (7pm), 13 (3am) and 17 (11.30pm)

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