Korean food guide for Muslims

Where can Muslims dine in Korea? The answer can be found in this handy booklet from Korea Tourism Organization.

If you don’t already know, Muslims can only consume halal (lawful or permissible in Islam) food. The religion forbids its followers to eat pork or drink alcohol, and livestock has to be slaughtered in accordance with Muslim ritual.

The booklet My Friend Korea: Food Guide Book for Muslims provides a list of halal restaurants in Korea and information on various dishes that Muslims can safely consume by highlighting the ingredients that go into a dish.

It also has brief sections on vegetarian food and spices used in Korean cuisine.

I especially liked the section on Korean tea and cakes. The descriptions of dasik (Korean candy made from cereals), maejakgwa and a couple of traditional desserts made my mouth water. ;-P

Finally, the booklet gives us a list of mosques in Korea and useful expressions to use in restaurants such as 메뉴 보여조세요 (Show me the menu, please) ;-).

You can actually read the booklet in PDF format here.


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