Over the Rainbow (2006)

Korean title: 오버 더 레인보우 (O-beu Deo Re-in-bo-woo)

What’s popping:

Youths in pursuit of stardom and one-half of Fly to the Sky duo Hwanhee in his acting debut.

I caught the 2nd episode last night and watched Kwon Hyeok-jo (Ji Hyun-woo, 지현우) dancing up a storm at a competition.

After the contest, the young man meets up with a crime boss because he wants out of the criminal gang he is involved in to pursue his dreams of being a dancer. He gets beaten into a pulp instead.

A subplot involves Jeong Hee-su (Kim Ok-bin, 김옥빈) an aspiring dancer with a very conservative father. She ditches Dad and his missionary dreams for her at the airport and runs after her own ambition of being a star. Oh, Hee-su and Hyeok-jo are friends.

The episode’s cliff-hanger involves Rex (Hwanhee, 환희) a rather cocky rising star who steals Hyeok-jo’s choreography and performs it just before Hyeok-jo and his dance team called Gangster (!) go onstage, leaving them looking like fools.

The plot:

Happy feet: Practice makes perfect


A story on the ups and downs of aspiring stars in the cutthroat world of showbiz.

Watch it:

  • It replaces Smile Again, which ended its run last week.
  • 8TV – free TV! (Astro Channel 18)
  • Every Monday to Friday
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm
  • Dubbed in Mandarin with Bahasa Malaysia subtitles


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