Rain in Shanghai on Sept 24

Oh you lucky Shanghainese, the Energizer Bunny is scheduled to take the stage at the Korea-China-Japan Asian Art Festival on Sept 24 in Shanghai.

Of course, he won’t be the only one taking centrestage as other top stars set to perform include Shin Seung-hoon, Andy Lau and Jackie Chan! It is also reported that Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao and culture ministers from the three countries will be present at the event.

The music extravaganza marks the 15th anniversary of Korea’s diplomatic ties with China and the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Japan.

Rain returned to Korea on Aug 31 after spending two and a half months in Germany filming Speed Racer.

2 thoughts on “Rain in Shanghai on Sept 24

  • Orchid

    I am glad to hear that even after the concert cancellations and how his I’m Coming World tour ended so abruptly in the US, Rain is still getting deals like modeling for CK Jeans and performing at the Korea-China-Japan Asian Art Festival.

    🙂 These are indeed good news.

  • rainbowlove88

    Oppa, I can’t wait to c u performing again! you are awesome on the stage!

    Sarangheyo and i wish i can go shanghai to c u dance and sing!

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