Se7en, you is all I need…

…to chase my Monday blues away.

Orchid gave me Se7en‘s 24/Seven album as a birthday gift and I’m listening to it right now. I’ve got it on a loop and on my second run of the CD, I suddenly snorted outloud when the track Baby U started playing.

In Baby U, the 13th track of the album, Se7en sings: Baby, you IS all I need (Listen to the song here).

Sweetheart, it’s Baby, you ARE all I need…and guess what? Listeners can’t miss it because it’s the hook of the song!

I don’t get it, the lyricist got You are beautiful, You are all I need correct (both phrases appear in the track) but they got the all-important hook wrong?

First it’s Rain unintentionally using the F-word in the English version of Sad Tango and asking chicks to lide (he meant ride) with him in Free Way.

My dear Hallyu singers, I know you’re still learning English but the hook of a song is important and that, at least, should be spot on in both pronunciation and grammar. You can use lide and You IS all I need everywhere else in the song, but not the chorus, OK?

Also, producers who worked on the album with the guys should be shot. Why didn’t you correct the star? You is going down, boy.


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