Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)

Korean title: Mr. 로빈 꼬시기 (Mr. Ro-bin Ggo-si-ki)

What’s popping:

Nothing much, except spurts of genuinely hilarious moments. First of all, there isn’t any chemistry between Uhm Jung-hwa and the walking inferno that is Daniel Henney. Sure the leads are both good looking, but eye candy alone does not spark an onscreen romance.

What’s hot:

  • Uhm Jung-hwa’s slapstick comedy during the karaoke sequence. It’s hilarious to see her bouncing about and executing the robot dance.
  • Daniel Henney, of course.
  • The “pick-up line” that had me holding my sides in laughter. Daniel Henney, I’m sure you can do better than “I have an umbrella in my room“(!) Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha….

What’s not:

  • The chicken-and-duck dialogue between the leads. Daniel Henney speaks English while Uhm Jung-hwa speaks mostly Korean.
  • The romance ain’t convincing enough. And the premise of the employer and employee indulging in a game of flirtation is just too icky for me. Yuck.

Seducer: ‘What? You want a piece of me?’

  • It got boring and draggy mid-flick…I started looking for something to eat. Not a good sign.
  • The characters aren’t well-developed. Hints on their background are dropped along the way but it doesn’t feel complete. For example, how Min-joon’s (Uhm jung-hwa) younger brother conveniently appears so she can get all breathless while wrestling with him.
  • Also, the climax where the real reason behind the business takeover is revealed does not convince. I mean, dude, that’s like your personal problem, business is business so get over such sentimentality.

The plot:

Min-joon (Uhm Jung-hwa, 엄정화) believes in true love but doesn’t seem to have any luck in romance. One day, she gets involved in a minor car accident. The handsome man whose car she hit turns out to be her newly-appointed boss, Mr. Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney, 다니엘 헤니).

All in a day’s work: Oh, don’t mind the liplock, Min-joon’s just
downloading data from Mr. Robin.

At work, he singles her out to work with him on a major corporate takeover but the Boss also tends to give her advice on her love life. He’s like this cool-as-ice Know-It-All who spouts annoying advice such as: “You’re too soft, you give in too much to men. You’ll only end up as a showgirl as you have no self-respect” or something along those lines.

And amazingly, Min-joon gets all riled up by the remarks and resolves to prove her worth by seducing Mr. Robin!

Girlfriend, you got it all wrong, you should have just slapped that handsome face and asked him to mind his own business.

Watch it:

We finally got the DVD with Korean audio and English subtitles. Yay! Oh yes, and please don’t forget to enjoy the Teaser Trailer as well. It’s a riot!


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