Something’s cookin’

Yet another popular Manhwa will be adapted into a live-action drama series.

Model and actor Kim Rae-won (김래원) has picked up the chef’s knife and is taking cooking lessons in preparation for his next project which will begin filming this September.


Mmm, appetizer.


In Gourmet (식객 shik-gaek) Kim plays Sung Chan, a traveling chef who roams the country peddling food from his truck in search of the best and most treasured traditional Korean cuisines and recipes.

That’s all I could find about its synopsis. I suspect he finds love in this, it’s a Korean drama after all. Sounds like… a travelogue of epicurean proportions. Hey, where there’s food, I’m there!

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2 thoughts on “Something’s cookin’

  • This also sounds really nice. Would like to watch the show as well.

    Kim Rae-won can be a funny guy. His comedic timing is good in …ing. Can’t wait to watch more of his work.

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