Star gazing at the Korea TV Ad Festival

Check out the various fashion statements (or lack thereof) of Korean stars as they shone at the 2007 Korea TV Ad Festival on Sept 18 in Goyang City.

Recognise these two? They are stars of drama Over the Rainbow,
currently showing on 8TV! Ji Hyun-woo (who reminds me of
and Kim Ok-bin trade their dancing shoes for dress shoes.


Can you breathe in that thing Lee Hyo-ri? The sexy singer decides
to dress up like a brinjal in this purple, plastic-ky sheath
with frills on it! Fashion faux pas, girlfriend!


These two look lost, meet Jo In-sung (left) and Jung Il-woo, both of
whom have absolutely no idea what they are doing at the event.
We Malaysians call people like them
blur sotong.


Big Bang all blinked out. Oh, my eyes! Check TOP out, he’s even
shielding his eyes from the glare of his shirt.


Clazziquai‘s Horan and Alex. Love the tousled
hair, Alex…very sexy. Call me!


Interesting handbag Lee Ha-na. Was it inspired
by a clam? Or a butterfly?


Lee Yeon-hee had nothing appropriate
in her wardrobe, so she decided to wear
the window blinds from home instead.


MC Mong: ‘Alright, who farted?’


Models Song Kyung-ah & Jang Yoon-joo.
Err…they look SCARY.


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