Winter Sonata’s theme song in Bahasa Malaysia

I was listening to Winter Sonata’s theme song – From the Beginning Till Now – from my new K-drama music compilation CD (more on that next time) and my friend asked whether I was listening to a Bahasa Malaysia (BM is Malaysia’s national language) track.

The original Korean version

I scoffed at him thinking he had a hearing problem and showed him my very Korean CD cover. “Korean song-lar,” I haughtily answered.

To which he replied: “You know, there’s a Malay version of that song. It’s called Sonata Musim Salju (direct translation: Winter’s Sonata!)”.

I surfed the Hallyu and whaddaya know! Malaysians – especially the Malay community – were so crazy in love with the Choi Ji-woo/ Bae Yong-joon drama that a BM cover version of the track was produced.

It is sung by Hazami. Watch the video below to see Hazami singing the BM version with Malaysia’s pop darling Siti Nurhaliza.

Oh, there’s also a Vietnamese cover of the song! Can you believe it? Wow my friends, witness the universal appeal of music.


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