The Bible goes digital

South Korea doesn’t just churn out the hottest entertainment stars, it is the one other country (the other being Japan) that produces the coolest gadgets and gizmos we didn’t even know we needed! I was actually searching for ‘cool mobile phones’ when this gadget popped up and I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool.”

For all our Christian friends out there, instead of turning to Chapter 3, Verse 12 next Sunday, how about whipping out your stylus and clicking to it? Well, the people sitting around you might think you rude for bringing your work to church but nobody said being a trend setter is easy.

SAK has just launched the With Bible device for the South Korean market retailing at 195,000KRW (RM717). The gadget looks very much like a PDA, it has a 3.4 LCD screen for easy reading or you can listen to a voice recorded reading of the entire book. It also features a book of hymns, an electronic dictionary for the NIV (new international version) of the bible, mp3 playback, FM radio, recording and SD card slot.

Wow, would all the world’s holy scriptures be one day converted to electronic pocket buddies? Hmm, I think I still prefer the weight of a book in my hand.

Source and pic credit: AVING


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