Big Mama’s 4th album – Blossom

Big Mama (빅마마) the quartet with fantastic vocals released their 4th album entitled Blossom on 03 October, 2007. It was very well received and hit a record high of 60,000 albums sold on the first day, placing it on the number 1 highest 1-day album sales ranking chart.

Success is sweet. Big Mama members
are looking better and better.

If you liked their rendition of “His eye is on the sparrow” then check out their fourth album.

Blossom (Big Mama, Vol. 4)

01 Heaven (Feat. Mc Mong)
02 Betray
03 Promises In The World
04 Greeting
05 Over The Rainbow (Lee Ji Young solo)
06 Even If You See My Eyes (Park Min Hae solo)
07 Fla Fla Fla
08 About Ending
09 Bad News (Shin Yeon Ah solo)
10 Because I Love You…(Lee Young Hyun solo)
11 Scream
12 Fla Fla Fla (가재발 Mix)
13 Break Away (Acoustic Ver.)
14 Betray (Mr)
15 Greeting (Mr)
16 Heaven (Mr)


Blossom – Big Mama Vol. 4 (album packaging)


Pics credit: Oi Music (4th album pics), Osen
English tracklist credits: purpletiger86 @ forums

Big Mama 4th album sold 60,000 in one day
Big Mama Vol 4, Blossom, cover and tracklist

Big Mama’s Blossom showcase


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2 thoughts on “Big Mama’s 4th album – Blossom

  • October 20, 2007 at 8:55 am

    WOW I saw the ladies 1 year ago today in NYC— They’re amazing singers. I’m so glad to hear they are doing so well! 60,000 is a crazy amount of records to sell- esp in Korea since record sales have been down.

  • October 20, 2007 at 8:19 am

    Wow, the album sounds good…and I know the ladies can sing very well.

    Sigh, so many things to buy, so little $$$ to do it :P.

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