Honey Lee in Korean traditional clothing

Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee (24) is one hallyu star who has been photographed a lot wearing Korean traditional clothing. She must be one of Korea’s top cultural ambassadors.

Korea’s traditional clothing is called “hanbok,” an abbreviation of the term Han-gukboksik (Korean attire). The beautiful hanbok is the pride of the Korean people and an integral part of Korean culture.

Below are pictures of lovely Honey Lee in various types of Korean traditional clothing and music instruments.


A vibrant red hanbok with traditional headgear.
Is this an official costume, for a festive
occasion or to be worn at weddings?


I think the skirt is called “chima” and
the bolero-like blouse is called “jeogori“.


Lee is carrying the “changgo” (장고) also spelt “janggu”.
The hourglass drum is the most widely used percussion
instrument in most kinds of Korean traditional music.


Honey Lee and her kayageum or gayageum.
Incidentally, she’s a professional kayageum
player and has released four CDs.


Lee in traditional costume at the Miss Universe 2007
pageant in Mexico City. Yes, there’s that hourglass drum
called the “janggu” again.


Another hanbok. What’s that umbrella like hat called?
It’s pretty cute and i bet keeps you in the shade.
This outfit looks like it is for the outdoors. Do Koreans
wear it during harvest season?


Intricate designs on the hanbok.

I really like the hanbok with its vibrant colours, graceful flow and intricate details. However, i still do not know what the different types of clothing is called. Or what the umbrella like hat (headgear) is called. If you do know, help us out okay?

Pics credit: Soompi Forums


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