Hyun Bin’s the “It” guy on 8TV

Someone at 8TV is like Orchid – infatuated with Hyun Bin. Why? Because the My Lovely Sam-soon actor appears on the terrestrial channel the entire week! Seriously.

And tomorrow (Oct 27), the 25-year-old’s movie A Millionaire’s First Love (pic below) will be airing at 8.30pm on the network.

Man enuff: Hyunbin has no problems donning a French maid
costume ‘cos he’s man enough. Grrr….


The TV station should invite Hyun Bin sshi to Malaysia for a fan meeting for the benefit of all K-popped! Malaysians :-P.

What other Hyunbin shows are on 8TV? Snow Queen runs at prime time (8.30pm) from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, My Lovely Sam-soon is aired on Saturday and Sunday at 4pm.

Hyunbin, enough fan meetings in Korea and Japan already. When are you gonna fly your fine self down to Malaysia and grace us with your presence? And please, sing for us!

Hyunbin’s shows on 8TV

I want more Hyun Bin!

Pic credit: HanCinema

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