Jamie King talks about Rain’s I’m Coming Tour

An interview with Jamie King

Jamie King, the Tour Director for Rain’s I’m Coming World Tour was interviewed during one of Rain’s rehearsal and sound check before his concert. Here King talks about the birth of the I’m Coming concert.


Hey, I’m Jamie King and I am the Tour Director
for Rain’s I’m Coming Tour

King’s first impression of Korean star Rain

Jamie King met Rain for the first time in Los Angeles in 2006. King’s first impression of Rain was that the Korean artist was just “a ball of energy” who was so excited to meet him and just wanted to hear his ideas, concepts and thoughts. Rain and Jamie King exchanged ideas and out birthed the spectacular Rain’s I’m Coming World Tour concert that millions of fans have enjoyed. It is their ‘baby’. 🙂


King met Rain for the first time in LA. Rain came into the room,
and just like a ball of energy
he goes “Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Rain.”
King knew right then that they’d be a perfect fit.


This is King’s first time working with a Korean artist. Jamie King has worked with talents such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin.

King was very excited to work with Rain and he wasn’t disappointed at all. King remarked that Rain has spectacular energy, attention to work and detail just the same as the other huge artists he has worked with like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince and Rain is twenty years younger. It’s good to see that he’s like that now, at such a young age.


Hey! Here we go…suddenly you hear Rain singing “Familiar Face”

This is such a cool interview. King had to stop halfway during the interview because suddenly Rain and his singers burst out in song to practice a chorus, and King excitedly exclaimed …”You get to hear Rain’s voice before seeing him!”

Can Rain cross-over successfully to the USA?

King says, from his experience, people can really cross over, for example, Ricky Martin (whom he has worked with and is still working with).

Jamie King thinks Rain could really do it. King says “He is an amazing performer, everywhere he goes, everyone who sees him, he really touches the audience and that’s what it takes to be a world wide sensation, you have to make the audience feel you, and that’s what he does.”


Rain is an amazing performer, everywhere he goes,
he really touches the audience

Concept of Rain’s World Tour

It’s about the promotion of Rain’s newest album, Rain’s World. Also, to support his new music and extend himself to his fans and touch them.

As the tour director, King wanted to make sure that the stage design had a pit so that Rain’s fans could get close to him.


Rain’s Coming World Tour KL – the stage has
a pit area where fans could get close to Rain.
Pic credit: Absolute Entertainment


King ends with a Korean greeting – Anyung!!

Oh wow, K-popped! readers, this interview with Jamie King is such a treat to Rain fans. While King answered the questions, you get to hear Rain – yes, the man himself, burst out in song during one of the practices. 🙂

Watch the interview here (best viewed on IE):

An interview with Jamie King

Source: Sina

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