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Korean title: 뮤직뱅그 (Myu-jik Baeng-keu)

What’s popping:

Just managed to catch the program this week and it rocks. Filled with the latest K-pop tracks and live performances that just wanna make you throw your hands in the air…and wave them like you just don’t care…, this music chart show is one of the better programs on KBS World.

Hosted by Haha (pic above, right) and Lee Hyeon-ji, this week’s offering (hey, it was shown on Oct 5 in Korea. We are getting later episodes?) saw Eru bouncing back on the Comeback Stage and Wonder Girls and Big Bang sharing the Special Stage.

The boys crushed the girls in the performance (watch the video below!). Both groups sang its latest hits with each group sportingly singing the other group’s track.

While Wonder Girls‘ bubblegummy Tell Me only appeals to teenyboppers, Big Bang‘s edgier Lie rocked even this blogger who is well out of her *cough* teens.

The boys’ song, which has a more across the board appeal, also topped the music download chart. They were pitted against Baek Ji-young’s Love is Enough.

Since Big Bang won, the boys (along with Wonder Girls) had the honour of the encore performance.

Man, Lie sticks in your head like super glue doesn’t it, boy, boy?

I’m so sorry but I love you다 거짓말
이야 몰랐어 이제야 알았어 네가 필요해
I’m so sorry but I love you
날카로운 말 홧김에 나도 모르게 널 떠나보냈지만…

Other singers who graced the stage included Shin Hye-sung and Super Junior.

The plot:

Lots of live performances. A fantastic program to keep up-to-date with the latest in K-pop music. Fast-paced and entertaining…boy, boy!

Watch it:

  • Astro KBS World (Channel 303)
  • Every Saturday
  • 3.10pm to 4pm
  • English subtitles available. Boy! Boy!

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