Sloppy Inquiry Agency opens shop @ KBS World

Lee Min-ki fans rejoice! The Love Truly actor’s latest drama entitled A Sloppy Inquiry Agency is/will be airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 303) this month (Oct 2007).

The reason for the uncertainty is because of the ambiguous online program schedule at Astro’s website.

According to it, Lee Min-ki‘s drama started airing on Oct 22 (Monday) at 9pm. However, the schedule also states that I’m Your Teacher aired at 9pm on the same day as well. Two programs sharing a time slot? How does that work? Unfortunately, I didn’t tune into KBS World that night so I can’t confirm which show aired.

Anyway, I checked the schedule for the upcoming Monday (Oct 29) and yes, A Sloppy Inquiry Agency is scheduled to air.

The series is a comedy about ordinary people with big dreams. Take Min-ki’s character for example. The 22-year-old plays Mu-yul a Taekwondo master who owns a gym. Business isn’t so good and he’s hoping that interest in the sport will pick up again when the Korean Taekwondo athletes win medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (fingers crossed, of course).

Watch the drama or else Min-ki’s gonna
Taekwondo you into a pulp!

One day, while having lunch at a private eye’s office, a client mistakes him for an employee and offers him a job! His adventure begins when he embarks upon the hunt for King Gojong’s treasure.


Want to watch the show? Remember this:

  • Channel: Astro 303 – KBS World
  • Day: Monday and Tuesday
  • Time: 9pm – 10.10pm, repeats at 3am the following day

It’ll most likely be in Korean with English subtitles. Oh, what joy! *skips around the room*

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Pics credit: A Sloppy Inquiry Agency @ KBS World

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