Stars at the inaugural Chungmuro International Film Festival

Stars attended the first ever Chungmuro International Film Festival, which kicked off yesterday (Oct 25) in Seoul. The film festival runs until Nov 2 and is held at the Chungmu Art Hall and theatres in Jung-gu district, Seoul.

Th festival, which adopts the theme Discovery, Restoration and Creation, seeks to discover the diverse traditions of global cinemas, acknowledge and reintroduce Korean film history to audiences and the international film community, and to create a new cinematic culture in response to the rapid changes in 21st century media.

Arrivals to the event include:

Hwanjini star Ha Ji-won is asking:
“Hey, you want a piece of me?”


Actress Jun Hye-bin poses like a pretty flower.


Oh Lee Jung-jae, the polka-dotted bow tie is a no-no.
How I wish a Typhoon would come and blow it away.


Actress Kang Soo-yeon’s body is wrinkling.
Or is that her protruding rib bones?


Actress Lee Hye-young is showing us her
Kimchi Cheese Smile because oops, her
“third nipple” is showing.


Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji-sun is a ray of sunshine
on the red carpet in her yellow dress.


Director Park Chan-wook and Kang Soo-yeon
played MCs.

Source: Seoul Help Center for Foreigners
Pics credit: Hankooki

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