Trick or treat? ;-)

The K-popped! Trio has swapped their baju kurung/ kebaya (traditional Malay wear) for some nifty costumes for Halloween! Whoo hoo!

Now: All set for Halloween – Trick of treat??

Rooster has decided to make like a pumpkin and become a walking Jack-O-Lantern. Heya girl, watch where you’re going, OK? Nice touch accessorising with the mini-flags. They look like antennas.

Meanwhile Orchid, who is the fashionista of the lot, has gone Marilyn Monroe blonde. We foresee her having more fun than the rest of us :-P. Gimme the extra candies you receive, OK?…or I’ll sink my vampire fangs into you. Grrr….

After calling Korean models Song Kyung-ah and Jang Yoon-joo Dracula’s Brides, Liz gets her comeuppance by getting bitten by the gals and has since turned into a vampire herself. Ah, the hazards of airing one’s opinions ;-).

Now that we’re all dressed up for the occasion, the K-popped! Trio is all set to go trick-or-treating on Oct 31! Yay!

Oh yeah, we’ll also be entering Orchid in a costume party contest, get Rooster to bob for apples – it’ll be a hoot in that costume of hers, no? – and I’ll gladly start a bonfire. Yessss!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Mwah ha ha ha ha….

Before: The trio in the mood for Hari Raya

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