Beyonce arrives for concert in Seoul

First Paris Hilton arrives, then now, it’s Beyonce (비욘세)!

Beyonce Knowles arrived at Incheon airport, South Korea on 8th November afternoon. She will be performing at the Olympic Park gymnastics arena on the 9 and 10 November.


Even after a long flight, Beyonce arrives at
Incheon International Airport looking fresh
and cheery


I just love kids. When will me and Jay-Z have our own…

This will be Beyonce’s first full fledge concert in Seoul, Korea. The last time Beyonce was in Seoul was in October 2007 where she accompanied her boyfriend Jay-Z. Majority of her fans who will be attending the concert are domestic (Koreans).

Miss Bootylicious will also be performing in Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai and Manila for her 2007 B’Day World Tour.


Miss Bootylicious strikes a pose in
skin tight jeans and gold stilettos


Look! I can pose the Korean way too!


Recommend you my plastic surgeon?
I’m sorry but I was born with this face,
plus great skin and hair


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