Kwon Sang-woo caught in a passionate kiss

Kwon was filmed in an elevator,
locked in a passionate embrace
and kissing co-star Cha Yeh Ryeon.

Kwon Sang-woo, oppa, what’s happening here?

The above are stills from Kwon Sang-woo‘s current drama “Bad Love“. 😉

Hmmm…the controversial kissing scene has been a hot topic on Korean TV lately. It took 10 hours of filming to get the scene just right. Another juicy tidbit is that Kwon accidentally tore Cha’s stockings while filming. In an interview, Kwon confessed that this was the first time he has accidentally tore a woman’s stockings.

Kwon is really a joker. He also mentioned that the kisses started off clumsily at first, but after 10 grueling hours of kissing, they almost ended up with lip injury.

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