Lunch at Wudaokou

Orchid wrote about the sights, Liz wrote about the stars… all that activity sure makes me hungry.

While gallivanting around the Wudaokou area ogling at all things Korean, we stumbled upon this quaint little alley lined with Korean eateries.

Ooh, this looks like an interesting place.

SHReK Kimbap caught our fancy, a little hole-in-the-wall eatery that mostly caters to take out customers. The matchbox sized joint served up yummy rolls of kimbap, noodles and kimchi.

Like the many eateries in this alley, SHReK Kimbap had 8 stools
lined by the windows adjacent to the kitchen for their eat-in patrons.
Mmm… decisions, decisions… not very many.
Not good
when you’re starved as the urge to order everything crosses your mind.
We settled with a hot steamy bowl of Spicy Kimchi Udon

Rainbow Kimbap and Seoul Kimbap that came with sides of radish kimchi.

Let’s eat!

The simple lunch left us satisfied and stuffed walking away with happy wallets. Oh yea, and I guess the owner must like Shrek a whole lot, at least enough to name a business after the animated movie.

If you’re ever in the area and would like to check out what we’re talking about, this is how you get there. From the Wudaokou subway station (although not really a subway as the train is elevated this far out of Beijing) head east down Chengfu Road (成府路), across the train tracks and scan the shops to your left, you won’t miss it!

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