The Male Ponytail

Men always want to “upgrade” themselves. For the festive year-end season, why not try out this new hair style.

Guys, if you have longish hair, upgrade your look by styling your hair into a ponytail. I know, you’d be thinking…isn’t a ponytail for women? Well, let Korea’s hottest stars show you how it’s done.


Rapper Tablo from Epik High
performing at Anycall Anyband concert,
sports the male ponytail
World star Rain (Bi) in a Calvin Klein
fashion shoot sporting the male ponytail
Bae Yong-joon and Hyun Bin adopts the look too

Convinced now? Okay, here’s how to do it.

Where to position the pony tail? To find that sweet spot, position your fingers at the tip of each ear and trace a line diagonally upwards. Fasten your ponytail where your fingers meet. Use a simple rubberized “manly” band please. Do not use your sister’s ribbons, fuzzy scrunchies, bows or anything with a flower on it.

The male ponytail is the perfect way to jazz up your look for the party season. Remember, you heard it here first, on K-popped! 😉

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