Memories of Beijing

As a conclusion to our series on our vacation in Beijing, Autumn 2007, we bring you this special entry of memories of Beijing. Never-seen-before pictures of K-popped! at famous tourist spots in China. It is also a guide on what’s cool and where to go when you are visiting Beijing.


Girls will be girls! We had an awesome time shopping.
K-popped! at
Wangfujing Street
Beijing’s Modern Shopping District.

K-popped! Trio attempting a complicated “Saranghae”
pose at the grounds of
The Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan).
“Tian Tan” is China’s largest existing complex of
ancient sacrificial buildings. Occupying 273 hectares,
it is three times the area of the Forbidden City.
K-popped! Trio shouts “Hwaiting!” while staring in awe at the
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest at
The Temple of Heaven
K-popped! Trio were so excited to visit the world’s largest LCD screen display
The Place, they couldn’t help but jump for joy!
Liz and Rooster posing as shy concubines at the Imperial Palace
grounds of the
Forbidden City.
K-popped! Trio got excited again and couldn’t help
but jump in the
Forbidden City. Whoopee…we can’t believe
we are actually at the Imperial Palace
which was
home to the Emperors of China for almost
five centuries. Cowabunga!
After all the funny antics, K-popped! Trio had to hide behind
ancient giant urns to escape
Imperial Palace
guards who were patrolling the premises.
NG: K-popped! Trio attempts a synchronized “Saranghae”
but obviously one of them was not in the loop.Ahh, finally we got it right. Saranghae readers!
K-popped! Trio sends you love from the Imperial Palace, China.

We know where Korea is. This way!“, says the K-popped! Trio.
Even while in awe of the magnificent view from

The Great Wall of China
at Badaling,

we frantically started to point towards
South Korea
in the horizon.

Liz takes a photo of Orchid taking a photo of Liz.


So readers, which is your favourite photo?

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