Running Wild (2006)

Korean title: 야수 (Ya-soo)

Director: Kim Seong-soo (김성수)

Kwon Sang-woo (권상우)
Yoo Ji-tae (유지태)
Son Byeong-ho (손병호)

What’s popping:

This is my first Korean cop thriller. After seeing this, I think Hong Kong make better cop movies. 😉

Kwon Sang-woo (Love, So Divine) and Yoo Ji-tae (Old Boy) teams up in this film directed by first-time director Kim Seong-soo.

Yes, there’s a lot of action. Yes, there are two hot Korean men. But somehow, the story was not engaging (Liz fell asleep while attempting to watch this – not once, but twice!). You do not warm up or feel for Kwon’s angst driven character (although Kwon displays some pretty impressive fight scenes in this flick).


Good cop meets bad cop over some soju

The plot:

Jang Do-young (Kwon Sang-woo) is a burnt out, short tempered, unkempt homicide detective who is fed-up with the system. He is wild and way-ward and you’d be surprise how come no one kicked him out of the police force already. Yoo Ji-tae plays clean cut investigator Oh Jin-woo who is looking to nail Korean gangster leader Yoo (Son Byeong-ho).



Kwon Sang-woo plays a way ward cop,
seen here covered in blood, dirt and a fake tan

This is a story about the powerful gangster leader triumphing and beating the system. In order to get the bad guy, the good guys end up getting the short end of the stick and is forced to take matters into their own hands.

Watch it:

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