Samsung’s Anyband sings…TALK, PLAY, LOVE!

I think Samsung made an excellent marketing move by forming Anyband. Have you guys seen Anyband’s MV? I bet you have… I love it! Okay, here’s my interpretation of it.

In a world dominated by an evil bald man, everyone is zombiefied. There’s no talk, no love, no play. No interaction!


In a world dominated by the evil-bald-man…


Only four individuals dare to rise up against evil-bald-man. They are…BoA, Tablo, Xiah and Jinbora who forms a band…called Anyband and brings life back to a bleak and weary world. Anyband comes to the rescue!

TABLO – The Techie Rapper

All musical instruments have been confiscated, but Tablo takes his chances with evil bald man’s security and breaks in to steal a precious electric guitar. Techie Tablo also breaks the security code and transmits Anyband’s video over giant screens.

Jinbora – The Activist

This young lady risks being caught by evil-bald-man’s security guards and puts up posters all over the place urging the people to PLAY, TALK, LOVE.

Plays a lethal keyboard rift in the background.

Xiah – The Grafitti Artist

The urge to liberate the people from the clutches of evil-bald-man is just too great for this young man. He is seen spray painting TALKPLAYLOVE on walls of the dreary streets.

BoA – The Voice

Her clear sweet voice cuts across the grey dreary world, bringing a ray of sunshine and joy to the human race. Her voice is transmitted through a satellite dish.

Anyband sings…”You can talk, you can play, you can love…It’s ok.”

They unite at the rooftop of one of the buildings downtown and sing their song – Promise You which breaks the human race out of evil-bald-man’s hypnotic trance.

Anyband communicates via what else…Samsung mobile phones!
View the Videos!
Talk, Play, Love + Promise You (Anyband)
The Making of Anyband MV in Brazil

Trivia: Xiah Junsu was very surprised to hear that he was chosen (among all the other TVXQ boys) to join Samsung’s Anyband. He says he is not confident of his looks and thus concentrates in his music.

K-popped! Trio’s message to Xiah:
Congratulations. You are so unassuming that’s why we love ya. You rock! Fighting!

Anyband meets the press
BoA, Xiah, Tablo and Jinbora are Anyband



4 thoughts on “Samsung’s Anyband sings…TALK, PLAY, LOVE!

  • miyuy


    i like JIN BORA-Xiah
    they perfect couple….

    but,i disagree if BoA be a focus…
    whereas JIn Bora, Tablo, n Xiah more better than her….

    but beside of them,
    their phone is cute…(sch-w350 n sch-w360)

  • launahele

    Great post and thanks for the video links. It’s nice to see Samsung go to such costly measures to promote it’s cellphone line. I wonder if Motorola or Nokia will follow suit?

  • Shirley

    I don’t like this CF. Somewhat feel the music is not catchy enough with the PV. Furthermmore, it focuses way too much on BoA, she has the mic all by herself. I can hardly find Table, Bora and Xiah, they go by so fast. (maybe b/c I don’t like BoA for whatever reason) Anyways, thanks for the post

  • Yeah, the video is a great concept. Liberation through music…whoo hoo!

    And Xiah didn’t think he was good enough for the part? Come on, dude, what nonsense are you talking about? Pffft.

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