Teddy Bear Museum (Jeju, South Korea)

If you are a Teddy Bear lover or are just on a tour in South Korea, you can visit the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju.


“Welcome to the Teddy Bear Museum in Korea.
Here you will find everything you want to
know about Teddy Bears.”

Teddy Bears have been loved and cherished since they were first introduced over 100 years ago.

What Jeju Teddy Bear Museum offers:

Thematic Bear Tours
View interestingly dressed bears.

  • 125K Teddy Bear
  • Louis Vuitton Bear
  • World’s Wedding


The Louis Vuitton Bear

Garden Tour

Take an outdoor tour with your family and take pictures as well.

Dine at the Cafe & Bar

Shop at the TBM Shop

For more information & how to get there:


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