Toilet talk in South Korea

We know how important it is to have good clean toilets, right? Public toilets in Malaysia are usually wet (yuck) and while in Beijing, I’ve peed without locking the door at a public toilet, not out of choice, mind you. That wasn’t bad at all actually, as I’ve heard worst China toilet stories.

Two-storey toilet-shaped house: I’d like to see the feng shui
experts arrange the furniture in this one. Isn’t everything
“flushed away” no matter where it’s placed? Ha ha.

Anyway, the World Toilet Association kicked off its inaugural conference on Nov 22 in Seoul. The organisation hopes to launch a global “toilet revolution” with a mission to save lives by improving sanitation and break taboos about what happens behind closed bathroom doors.

Yes, I support the mission. Better toilets, better lives! Here’s a look at what went on at the event.

Make music: A percussionist creates rhythm with the toilet


Sweet-smelling toilets: Who needs air refresherners
when you’ve got bouquets on toilet bowls?


Multi-coloured poo: Visitors could create these fecal-shaped
sculptures from clay. They could be turned into desk
ornaments of fridge magnets.


Claustrophobic: Man, how do you do your business in a toilet as “busy” as this?


Women’s urinal: Ladies, anyone wants to pee standing up?

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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