Travelling to Wudaokou in Beijing

Yesterday, K-popped! trio took a trip to Wudaokou. We got an anonymous tip on our blog recommending that we visit Wudaokou because it is Beijing’s Little Korea. Thanks to the comment, we ventured more than 12 subway stops to the capital’s Haidian university district where students from around the world gather. Although it was a little far, we had such an adventure getting there and spent a leisurely afternoon at the district.

At night, Wudaokou is said to be the most happening place to party in Beijing!


K-popped! ventured to Wudaokou by Beijing Subway.
It is amazing that you can travel anywhere in Beijing
via subway for only RMB2 (RM1).

Between the prestigious Tsinghua University and the boisterous Beijing Foreign Language University lies Wudaokou – a quaint quarter in the capital that has been completely rebuilt. You will notice that it is significantly cleaner here compared to downtown Beijing. There are boutiques, bookstores as well as trendy restaurants and bars around the area. We spotted South Korean and Japanese eateries, American fast food chains and European coffee shops and pizzerias.


Boutiques and bookshops aplenty at Wudaokou


Tous Les Jours – the French bakery is prominently located at a crossroads
near the subway station. It is where the young and chic enjoy

a cuppa by the verandah. Orchid was so excited to hear Korean
drama soundtrack music wafting through the speakers

as you approach the French eatery.


The Microsoft Office at Wudaokou


K-popped! as usual was looking for Korean shops and eateries and we spotted a couple…


Green Tree – a Korean mini mart smack in the middle of Wudaokou



Korean restaurant and bar with a little stall in
front selling a Korean snack

Stay tuned for more Wudaokou adventures from the K-popped! Trio.


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