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Good morning, friends. Please allow us to toot our own horn this beautiful Saturday morning :-).

After almost 6 months of bringing you K-popped! content, we are happy to inform you, beloved readers, that the Trio’s efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Advertlets.com, an Asian blog advertising network, is currently featuring K-popped! at its site! (Special thanks to Josh Lim of Advertlets, a K-movie aficionado, who stumbled upon K-popped! one fine day.)

You can choose to read about the K-popped! (hi)story there or at our About Us page. One of the things you’ll learn is why K-popped! will always have a soft spot for the Energizer Bunny despite his hilarious hairdos.

Thanks for sharing what you know about K-entertainment with us, thus fuelling our passion and enthusiasm for all things Korean :-).

Also, we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy our site – We’ve been K-popped!, how about you?

여러분 화이팅! (Everyone, hwaiting!)

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