Kim Hye-soo’s unflattering outfit

Kim Hye-soo in an outfit that does not
do justice to her God-given assets

The usually sexy and sultry Kim Hye-soo appeared at a charity event on the 18th December in a rather ill-fitting black high collared jacket, pencil skirt and the item that just ruined the outfit were chunky black laced up boots. I don’t think those boots go with the ensemble at all.

If Hye-soo wanted to put on some boots, there are a gazillion other styles to choose from. (I went shopping for a pair of boots during autumn/winter in Beijing and there were so many to choose from!) But why laced up, chunky boots?


Kim Hye-soo grins sheepishly
and thinks to herself..”Oh why did i step out
of that house i live in wearing this get-up.”

I can’t help but think of JYP‘s penchant for tucking his laced up boots into his pants. This really irks me. It’s ugly! He looks like a construction worker wearing safety boots.

Could working together with JYP in the MV That House you Live In have influenced her to dress a little bit like Mr “Best Dressed” Park Jin-young (JYP won 24th Korea’s Best Dresser Award) himself?


Both Kim Hye-soo and JYP have a
penchant for laced up boots?

Pics credit: Newsen


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