Korean Cuisine at Pavilion KL

On Christmas eve, we visited Kuala Lumpur’s latest shopping haunt, Pavilion KL. It is located at 168 Bukit Bintang and houses a great selection of boutiques and branded stores.

The 7-storey shopping paradise also boasts a spacious food court (Food Republic) on level 1. The variety of food stalls is so vast that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a place to eat. You also have many stand alone restaurants to choose from on other levels of the huge shopping centre.


Sam Sam (삼삼) – Korean Cuisine at Pavilion KL’s food court


After walking around for a bit, Liz and i decided on (what else!) Korean Cuisine. We ate at Sam Sam (삼삼) – Korean Cuisine which is located at the Food Republic food court. It is sandwiched between “Little Taiwan” and “Indian Cuisine” and opposite Madam Kwan’s & Tony Roma’s.


Korean fast food…Sam Sam serves popular simple Korean dishes


There’s a reasonable selection of Korean fare to choose from, and Liz settled for the Bibimbap (MYR13.90) while i ordered the Japchae Bap (MYR10.90). Ever since i watched Full House and Song Hye-kyo‘s character trying learn how to cook Japchae from grandma, i wanted to try the dish.


Bibimbap beef is served in a hot stone pot and comes
with a little Kimchi and bean paste soup
The Japchae was delicious.
Korean glass noodle
cooked with mushroom,
carrots, onions and other
vegetables in a tasty sauce.
Garnished with lightly
toasted sesame seeds.
Served with rice, soup and kimchi!

What’s for dessert?

Oh and for dessert we had delicious mango ice kacang! Nope, this is not a Korean dish. It’s truly Malaysian. But since this is a Malaysian blog, i’ll slip it in. 😉


Mango ice kacang – cold and refreshing,
shaved ice topped with mangoes
and hidden beneath is all sorts of
condiments such as red bean, corn, jelly and nuts.
A Malaysian favourite.
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