Mind Your Korean 2: The one where 선생님 beats Liz to the punch line

Orchid and Liz continue with their Korean lessons (yes, Rooster still naps) and share with you their adventures and misadventures with the language in MYK 2!

Wow, we did a lot in the 2nd lesson and there was even an additional student in class. Now, the grand total of students in our Korean language class is SIX.

Among other things, we continued to learn about final consonants (batchim), aspirated consonants (ㅋ, ㅍ, ㅌ,ㅊ, ㅎ), as well as asking simple questions such as 뭐예요? (mwo-ye-yo = What is this?), 누구예요 (noo-goo-ye-yo = Who is this?) and 어디예요? (eo-di-ye-yo = Where is this?).

We also ran through 있어요 (iss-eo-yo = there is/have), 없어요 (eop-seo-yo = there isn’t/don’t have) and since we learnt 좋아해요 (joh-ah-hae-yo = like) last week, Teacher taught us the difference between 좋아해요 and 좋아요 (joh-ah-yo = good, fine).

포크 & 나이프

While learning to ask questions, we learnt two new words – 포크 (po-keu) and 나이프 (nai-peu). Teacher asked us to guess what they were. Can you? (take a few seconds here, if you don’t already know).

We drew a blank so she went:

Teacher: 포크 is fork and 나이프 is knife. For Koreans, we pronounce each syllable of the word clearly. So po-keu – since we don’t have “F” – is fork and nai-peu is knife. But Koreans with good English, and even ordinary Koreans these days will just say “fork and knife”.

Cow liquor, anyone?

While learning with flash cards, the class came across the word 포도 (po-do = grape). Hey, it sounds familiar to me because grapes in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect which I speak) is po-toh. Then Teacher expanded on the word a bit.

Teacher: Can anyone guess what 포도주 (po-do-ju) is? 주 (ju) is actually similar to the Chinese word “chiu” as in liquor. So 포도주 (grape liquor) is wine.
Fellow student: 선생님, then you’re telling me 소주 (so-ju) is “cow liquor” since last week, we learned that cow is 소 (so)?
Teacher: No, no, no it is not like that. But you’re very imaginative.

Teacher (or 선생님) steals the punchline

After the 1st class last week, Teacher discovered that I was a Bi fan and had been asking me now and then, 비 좋아해요? (Bi joh-ah-hae-yo? = Do you like Rain?), so I could practice my 네, 좋아해요 (Ne, joh-ah-hae-yo = Yes, I like).

So for the week leading up to our 2nd class, I’ve been practicing with Orchid this so-called “punch line”, which I had planned to deliver when Teacher asked me the question again.

It would have gone: 아니요. 비 안 좋아해요, 하지만 사랑해요! (A-ni-yo. Bi An joh-ah-hae-yo, ha-ji-man sa-rang-hae-yo = No, I don’t like Rain, but I love him).

However, it was not meant to be as right at the beginning of the 2nd class, Teacher actually stole the punch line when she did a recap. Bummer, I guess the joke was on me 😉

Class adjourned, see you next time.

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