Saturday night fever at the 2007 SBS Music Awards

Wow, it sure looked like it was a (Saturday) night to remember at the 2007 SBS Music Awards on Dec 29.

K-pop singers came out in force to entertain the masses at the award ceremony and here’s a peek at what heated up the night.

Sexy mama Lee Hyori plays MC with Lee Hwi-jae


Yangpa shows some leg…


…and so does Baek Ji-young


Not to be outdone is Lee Soo-young!

Then the 3 ladies come together to be judged.
I think
it’s a tie between Yangpa and Baek Ji-young!

Funnymen MC Mong (right) and Haha get the audience going

Nine-member group Girls’ Generation crowd the stage

SG Wannabe sing their hearts out

Wonder Girls performing something other than Tell Me.
Hey wait a minute, it is Tell Me!

The Shinhwa boys…I mean, men sizzle onstage

The SeeYa girls strut their stuff…

…while Younha prefers to hide behind the piano

M a.k.a Lee Min-woo goes, ‘Throw your hands in the air, and wave
them like you just don’t care…’

Brian of Fly to the Sky tries to go for the
Wacko Jacko pose

Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky contorts his surgically-enhanced
mug to look like…Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu!


Thinking that his pants-tucked-into-boots look won’t make us laugh anymore,
JYP decides to wear a baby’s bib onstage. The Wonder Girls are
quietly embarrassed.


JYP’s protege Min gives Andre Kim‘s spacesuit a
more hip and happenin’ makeover.

Pics credit: Newsen


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