Who is the Rain wannabe?

We know Bi is hot, and many out there would want to be him.

Well, Chinese singer Hwang Hyo-myeong or Huang Xiao Ming (황효명 / 黃曉明) came out with his new album entitled I’m Coming (It’s Ming/2007) which displays a lot of similarities to Rain‘s 4th album – Rain’s World. Are you kiddin’ me? The title of the album itself is a dead give-away.


Same military gear and dark glasses.
But of course we think Bi looks MUCH better.

Ming released his album on the 12th Dec and this has become a very hot topic. People can’t help but notice the similarities.

Ming wears the military outfit while performing, very similar to Rain’s I’m Coming military theme. On the cover of Rain’s World, Rain has a tattoo of a star on his chest. Ming displays a tattoo too, but the location is on his back.


Hmmm…the hair, the tattoo…
Ming, please be original.

The first two tracks of It’s Ming are entitled:

  • Yeah, it’s Ming time
  • I’m coming

Why is this artist deliberately copying Rain’s style? It seems Ming has many fans in Korea. Well, i don’t think the Koreans want a Rain copycat. They already have the real thing. 😉

Source and pic credits: Nownews


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