Bad Love Samchun is an old rocker

Below is a picture of old rockers band called “Sanulrim. Do you recognize any of them?

File pic – Members of Sanulrim celebrate their
30th anniversary concert in 2007 in Seoul.
From left: Kim Chang-hoon, Kim Chang-wan
and Kim Chang-ik.
Pic credit: Yonhap

The one in the middle plays Kwon Sang-woo‘s “samchun” (whom we affectionately call on this blog) in the Korean drama Bad Love. His character is called Hwang In-soo (

Episode 10 recap has a pic of samchun.]

Samchun’s real name is Kim Chang-wan (김창완). He is a member of the Korean rock trio Sanulrim (산울림). The name of the group means “Mountain Echo” in Korean and the three members are all brothers. Kim Chang-wan, the oldest, sang vocals and played guitar, while Kim Chang-hun played rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards and Kim Chang-ik played the drums.

Sanulrim debutted in 1977 with the album “Anibeolsseo” (Ah! Already?) and went on to release many other hit songs over the next 30 years ranging from rock songs, ballads to children’s songs.

Kim Chang-wan is currently active as a musician and actor in Korea. He starred in the hit dramas “Behing the White Tower” and “Coffee Prince(Which character? Anyone knows?). Of course we all know him as “samchun” in “Bad Love“.

Well, one of the brothers (the youngest) Kim Chang-ik (50) passed away in Vancouver, Canada. The cause of death has not been confirmed.

Kim Chang-wan official website

Source: The Korea Times


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