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Today is Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the Lunar New Year, and I’m back in 0º Beijing. But before leaving Malaysia and right after having fun and good food with Liz and Orchid back home in Kuala Lumpur, I made a quick trip to Redang, one of Malaysia’s many beautiful islands that dot the peninsula, for some fun in the sun.

I just love the salty sea breeze between my toes.

Well, okay, there’s nothing K-popped in Redang besides the odd Korean tourist or two, but it led me to wonder about what the beaches are like in South Korea. Perhaps the Trio could fit it into our itinerary if we were to visit Hallyuland (*nudge*wink* right Liz and Orchid?)?

Haeundae Beach (해운대 해수욕장)
South Korea’s most popular beach attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year to its shores during the summer months. Located in Busan, you can view the first sunrise of the year (if you like that sorta thing) on Haeundae on January 1st. The beach is also famous for many cultural events and festivals held throughout the year.

Er… that’s not exactly my idea of fun. I think I’ll skip Haeundae.

More info: Tour2Korea: Haeundae Beach

Beaches of Gangwon-do Province
Three well-known beaches in this area are Sokcho, Naksan and Gyeongpo beach. Enjoy ocean fishing, indulge in the freshest sashimi or set up a campsite on Sokcho, celebrate Haemaji (sunrise festival) with your friends on Naksan’s white sandy beach, or get cultural and attend the Annual Ocean Art Festival on Gyeongpo.

L-R: Sokcho, Naksan & Gyeongpo

More info: Gangneung City: Gyeongpo Beach, Gangwon Province

Beaches of Chungcheongnam-do

Two beaches of note in this area are the Daecheon beach and Muchangpo beach on the western coast of South Korea. For family fun, you can spend the day Daecheon’s 3.5km beach of white sand where the kids can frolic in the shallow waters while you enjoy the calm waves. But if you want something special, head to Muchangpo where you can experience ‘The Miracle of Moses’. Twice a month a path opens into the sea for a few hours each day during the time of the spring tides. Beachcombers may come across sea snails and octopuses stranded on this open path.

Muchangpo. Play Moses and part the seas.

More Info: Viva Boryeong

Byeonsan Beach
Located in the Jeollabuk-do province on the western coast, Byeonsan is where the hallyu drama, Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) was filmed. The waters at Byeongsan is warm and calm. Take a dip while enjoying the breathtaking scenery, and perhaps imagine Jang Geum preparing a traditional Korean Royal Court banquet in your honour.

More info: nau Korea Byeongsan Beach Tour Info

Beaches of Taean-gun

Located 174km south-west of Seoul, the peninsula of Taean-gun is home to 30 different beaches with the most popular being Padori, Kkotji, Mongsanpo, Mallipo, Hagampo and Yeonpo.

Taean-gun boasts a national park and is known for its crystal clear waters, lush flora and wildlife. Unfortunately, Mallipo, Taean-gun’s most prized beach, was devastated by an oil-spill late last year.

More Info: Welcome to Taean

Jungmun Beach
On the south-eastern coast of Jeju island lies Jungmun beach. The beach is popular amongst local filmmakers, as many movies, dramas and commercials have been shot here. Come during the summer when the Beach Film Festival is held or enjoy water sports.

More info: Jeju Eco

*Phew* Well, these are just a sampling of South Korea’s many beaches. Check out the links below to further your research.

Tour2Korea: 12 Beaches Worth Visiting in the Summer
Invil: Theme Sightseeing Listing

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