Bad Love – Episode 19

A nervous and worried Kang Joo-ran (Kim Ga-yeon) waits for her ex-husband Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) to come out of surgery. Her half brother Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) offers support and tries to comfort her. This part is quite funny because as soon as Yong-gi reassures her that the operation is going fine, a medical attendant rushes out of the operating theater and Joo-ran begins to panic.


Don’t worry Joo-ran, medical attendants always run out
of operating theaters when they have to
go to the bathroom.
Su-hwan will be all right.

Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) waits at home during this ordeal and Yong-gi calls her to update her on Su-hwan’s condition.


Su-hwan comes out of surgery and everyone
waits for him to gain consciousness

At this point, i am wondering exactly what kind of illness Su-hwan has. What kind of brain operation did he go for? How come he does not need to shave his head? Some details would be nice. They are pretty vague about Su-hwan’s illness.

The operation went fine and Su-hwan wakes up to find Joo-ran sitting virgil at his bedside. He grabs hold of her hand and smiles. After many years of being in a loveless marriage, they finally act civilized towards one another.


Joo-ran stays by Su-hwan’s side


Spring is approaching, Yong-gi and In-jung prepare for their imminent separation.

Lee Sin-yeong (Cha Yae-ryeon) still pines for her employer Yong-gi. In-jung is aware of this and advices Yong-gi to be gentle but firmly let her know that he does not return her feelings. President Yeong (Jo-ann’s mother) calls Su-hwan and asks about Sin-yeong. Why doesn’t Sin-yeong answer any of her calls? Su-hwan is at the hospital recovering from surgery and is unable to take care of this matter so he calls Yong-gi and the latter decides to take this opportunity to settle Sin-yeong once and for all.


Lee Sin-yeong dolls herself up thinking that she will be
going on a date with Yong-gi when in
actual fact
he brings her to see Jo-ann’s mother

Yong-gi brings Sin-yeong to see Jo-ann’s mother and exposes the scam Su-hwan and Sin-yeong planned earlier on. Yong-gi reveals that Sin-yeong was brought into the picture as an attempt to remind him of Jo-ann so that he could fall in love with her.

Jo-ann’s mother is disgusted with this revelation. How could anyone tarnish the memory of her late daughter like this? She is furious with Sin-yeong and not altogether happy with Yong-gi either. Sin-yeong is embarassed and complains that she is getting all the blame for the plan Su-hwan helped devise. Yong-gi tells Sin-yeong to take what she came for (which is money) and leave.


Yong-gi spills the beans to Jo-ann’s mother,
embarrassing Sin-yeong
Poor Sin-yeong… she did get the short end of the stick
in the ploy both Su-hwan and herself cooked up

Later, the loan sharks come to harass Sin-yeong again and Yong-gi gets them off her back by paying off her debts.


Yong-gi and In-jung have a nice dinner with Samchun and Chansuk


After dinner, Sin-yeong calls Yong-gi on his mobile while he is walking In-jung home. Sin-yeong then threatens to commit suicide to gain Yong-gi’s love.


Will I only be in your memories if I slit my wrist?
Like that girl Jo-ann?

Upon In-jung’s urging, Yong-gi goes to Sin-yeong’s apartment to comfort her. He appears calm and collected as he approaches a hysterical Sin-yeong. Yong-gi jolts Sin-yeong back to reality by telling her not to waste her time on him.


Yong-gi: You do not love me…you only want me


What an emotionally draining day for Yong-gi. He calls it a day by going out for drinks with his girlfriend In-jung.

The next day, Sin-yeong moves out of her current apartment. Now clear of her debts she goes off somewhere to start her life afresh.

Su-hwan is discharged from the hospital and goes home to stay with Stepmother and Joo-ran. They look like a family again and little Miso is delighted that her father is back home.


Su-hwan has dinner with his family


Su-hwan spends precious time with Joo-ran and Miso. The clock is ticking for Su-hwan as the operation will not cure him (again, we are not given any details of his illness) but will only buy him some time. Everyone wants to make Su-hwan’s last days on earth comfortable.


Spending precious time together…

One day, Su-hwan talks to Joo-ran and asks for a favour. He urges her to let go of past hurts and allow Yong-gi and In-jung to be together.


Joo-ran: What is it Su-hwan?
Ask and i
will do whatever you tell me to do.

After tying all those loose ends, Su-hwan finally dies peacefully


Yong-gi celebrates his birthday in spring. However, Yong-gi wishes that he was born in winter as this spring, he would be saying good-bye to his precious In-jung.


In-jung: Happy Birthday Yong-gi.
: My heart hurts…at the thought of you leaving…

In-jung prepares a private party for him. She brings a cake and decorate their secret spot with balloons and streamers. As she sings him the birthday song, she cannot help but shed tears. Yong-gi cannot bear it any longer and grabs In-jung close to him and kisses her passionately on the lips [err…actually i made that last bit up].


In-jung sings the saddest birthday song ever…

Good bye…


Yong-gi and In-jung walk to the bus stop where they would separate each night – but this time their separation would be for good. In-jung, who has been suffering from stomach pains tells Yong-gi that she will go for surgery soon. He tells her not to worry and that she will be fine. They exchange parting words and In-jung gets on a bus.



One thought on “Bad Love – Episode 19

  • March 6, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Yong-gi’s stepmum calls him a trooper – testament that he’s winning her over and things between them are going to get better from now = )

    Wished the happy 4some dinner scene between Yong-gi, In-jung, Chansuk and “samchun” lasted forever

    Come to think of it, Sinyeong was never got to be In-jung’s opponent. I briefly felt sad for Sinyeong who becomes redeemable. Wow, it proves that looking like Joanne does apeshit, he’s into In-jung and In-jung only. And even Sinyeong acknowledges that In-jung is a kind woman

    Sigh, the dreaded spring approaches. The obstacles have been removed and horrible memories are fading, why cant they be together ?? That break-up scene was crushing!

    Predictably, Suhwan dies. But not before he says goodbye properly by sharing heartwarming scenes with Miso and Juran ; as well as ironing things out with In-jung. He died peacefully, I guess

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