Hana Yori Dango, the K-drama version

It all started from this very influential shoujo manga series…

If you are manga fan, you’d probably have heard this news. Thanks to Lemonade Lagoon, a reader of this blog, i found out about Hana Yori Dango.

Hana Yori Dango is a popular Japanese shōjo manga created by Kamio Youko.

It is also known as “Boys before Flowers” or “Boys over Flowers“.

The gist of the story goes like this…

Adorable Makino Tsukushi is the only poor student studying at the prestigious Eitoku Gakuen private school for the ridiculously rich and privileged. The school is “governed” by a group of four boys who come from powerful families and call themselves “Flower 4” or F4. If you were unfortunate enough to tick any of the F4 guys off, you would get a red notice and they would make your life a living hell. (wikipedia)

That premise has since been made into an anime series, adapted into a Taiwanese TV series called Meteor Garden (2001), then in 2005, the Japanese dorama version of Hana Yori Dango was aired. Both the Taiwanese and Japanese drama versions were garnered high ratings and was very well received by viewers. Meteor Garden created sequels in the form of Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II.


I vaguely remember Meteor Garden being
aired on Malaysian TV many years ago…

That’s not the end…the four actors who played F4 in Meteor Garden shot to fame and became the boyband F4 (Flower 4).


Taiwanese group F4 – Vanness Wu, Vic Zhou, Jerry Yan and Ken Chu


Now, the Korean drama version is in the making: 꽃보다 남자 . The production team behind this third drama installation is Group Eight and they are the people who brought you k-dramas Fantasy Couple and Goong S. The drama is said to have 24-episodes and will start airing second half of 2008.


The Korean version really has big shoes to fill

Many are apprehensive at this news as the Japanese drama version was superb (i heard). It is said that the Japanese cast was perfect, the cinematography excellent, in short – it was arguably one of the best manga-adapted dramas ever! Now how does one top that? The Korean version certainly has big shoes to fill and expectations from fans are high.

Which Korean actor/actress would you want to see bringing these manga characters to life?

From the top of my head, i’d say pick any of the four from the suave Dong Bang Shin Ki boys to play F4. But then again, i saw the DBSK boys in a variety show which tested their acting skills over the Lunar New Year holidays and they were really bad actors. Okay, maybe Micky wasn’t so bad…but still that’s a no-go.

Have you seen j-dorama Hanayori Dango or Meteor Garden?



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