Single Papa in Love

Just the two of us: Kang Pung-ho (Oh, right) cuddles
up to his son Kang San (Ahn)

Are you following the drama series Single Papa in Love on the KBS World network (Astro Channel 303)? I’m enjoying how the story unfolds. Too bad I missed the first few episodes.

I’ve always thought Couple or Trouble actor Oh Ji-ho as a hunk, but I must say that in this series, I look forward to watching Oh’s co-star instead. Little Ahn Do-gyu, who plays Oh’s son Kang San in the series, is absolutely adorable! Love the sequences when the 7-year-old nags Daddy about cleanliness and house chores.

Cute pair: The adorable Kang San is at
home with Daddy

Like the title suggests, the drama is about single father Kang Pung-ho (Oh), who lives with his young son Kang San (Ahn). When Kang San was just a little baby, his Mom walked out on both Daddy and him to pursue her dreams of becoming a pianist.

Dad, who is an orphan, works as a pest exterminator to make ends meet. He also moonlights as a boxer in hopes of making a name for himself…and the extra cash comes in handy for them as well.

PC: Oh Ji-ho (left) poses with his onscreen love
interest Heo Yi-jae


Smooch: ‘Come on Kang San, don’t be shy and give Noona a kiss’

Dad has an admirer in Jeon Ha-ri (Heo Yi-jae), a bubbly medic student who gets along famously with Kang San. But as things turn out, Ha-ri is the daughter of a renowned surgeon, who is now engaged to Kang San’s Mom!

Chicks: Hari (Heo, left) and Yun So-ri (Kang Seong-yeon)
are the ladies in the series

Four’s a crowd: Funny family portrait (from left) Mom, me,
Daddy & Daddy’s girlfriend…wannabe

Yup, there you go – drama. Also in last night’s episode, little Kang San is diagnosed with brain tumour and man, what a heart wrenching scene it was to see Pung-ho begging Ha-ri’s surgeon dad to perform the operation on his son. And how about that final sequence where Pung-ho shaved off Kang San’s hair for the operation, huh?

Emo: Daddy gets emotional when shaving
Kang San’s head of hair

I thought Oh nailed that scene. Who’d thought shaving a kid’s head could be turned into such an emotional moment. I’m looking forward to the following episodes. How about you?

Next episode: This scene was part of the teaser for next week’s episode

Single Papa in Love
airs every Monday and Tuesday from 9pm onwards. Yup, it takes over the Bad Love slot.

Offscreen: Oh Ji-ho and his onscreen son Ahn Do-gyu spend
time at the children’s ward in Seoul National University Hospital

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Oh Ji-ho is a Daddy

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